Service Related Questions

[+] What is German TV?
German TV is the innovative TV service from German TV Company, a pioneer in digital television. For the first time in the United States we present to you over 100 of the best and most popular German TV and radio stations in digital quality for an amazing low price, starting from $20.83.
[+] How does German TV service work?
German TV is transmitted via Internet (no dish or cable required). All channels are broadcasted live, and most of them are also available in record. We keep records of most of the programs for 14 days, so you will never ever miss your favorite show again.
[+] How do I watch?
German TV service works on your TV with help of a media player. You watch it on your TV just like a regular television that you are used to watching with a remote control and a media player. You also have an option to watch our German TV service online via our webplayer.
[+] Where does it work?
Our service works anywhere in the world where you have an internet access. We can ship our Set-Top Boxes worldwide for your viewing pleasure.
[+] How do I setup the service?
In order to start watching service online, you have to register on our website and pay for the service. You can access webplayer from your personal account page.
Box setup is quick and easy, and step-by-step manual is provided with the package. In case you need assistance, we have a Customer Service team on the phone 7 days a week ready to answer any general or technical questions.
[+] Where can I buy the box?
You can purchase the box from our online store, from our dealers or via phone. Call us and we will help you find a dealer in your area.
[+] I do not live in Europe. Will I need to watch German morning shows in the middle of the night?
No, there is an option to delay the transmission by specific number of hours according to your time zone.
[+] Can I watch German TV on my computer?
Yes, you can. Go to Watch Online menu bar and follow the instructions on our website.
[+] I do not have an internet service at home. Do you recommend any ISP?
You can use any internet provider with a stable internet connection with downloading speed not less than 10MB/sec. For example: Cablevision - 718-617-3500, TimeWarner - 718-358-0900, Verizon DSL or Verizon FiOS - 800-837-4966
[+] Do you offer HD channels?
Yes, we do offer several HD channels at the moment.
[+] Can I record a show or a movie?
Technically yes. However you will need a DVR recorder. Almost all German TV programs (from almost all channels) are recorded automatically for your convenience. You can watch these shows in record for up to 14 day.
[+] Can I watch your service on 2 TVs?
Yes, our 'Multiroom' feature allows to watch one subscription on up to two TVs at the same time. All you need to do is to purchase additional media player and connect it to the same local network. Your subscription will automatically start working on all devices.
If you want to watch German in two different locations (for example, at home and in your summer house) at the same time, you will need to purchase second subscription.
[+] Do I need to call you to activate my service after I set up my equipment?
No, whether you purchased service and/or equipment at our store, on the website or at any of our dealer locations - there is no need to call to activate service. The service will be either set up for already (in case you purchased online or in the store) or you will have to go through a quick activation process on the box (in case you purchased from dealer). Feel free to contact us in case you need help with setup and activation.
[+] How do I watch erotic channels? What is my password for these protected channels?
To watch erotic channels you have to enter your password. Please enter number "1" and then press OK or ENTER on your remote.
[+] Do you have any locations near my neighborhood where I can buy one of your TV Boxes?
Yes, to find your closest location please call us at +1.718.713.8334
[+] Do I need any other service like Cablevision or TimeWarner in order to be able to watch German TV?
No, not at all. We are an independent company and you do not need any other provider or a satellite dish to use our service.

Billing Questions

[+] How do I pay my bill?
German TV is a prepaid, no-contract service. You have to pay for the following period (month/quater/year), in order to access the service. Your service will be activated right after you payment goes through. You can make a payment online, via phone, via media player or send us check by mail. Setting automatic billing is highly recommended.
[+] If I pay today and start watching tomorrow - will I lose a day of the service?
Absolutely not. Your service will start from the time of your first login (from the box or online), and not from the time of your payment.
For example, you made a payment for 30 days on June, 1st. On June, 3rd you turned on TV for the first time since your last payment. Therefore, your service will be working for 30 days starting from June, 3rd and will expire on July, 3rd.
[+] Can I make a advance payment(s) for a future period if my current service period is still active?
Absolutely! You can pay for as many future periods as you want in order to "extend" your service in advance. Future period(s) will not start until your current period ends.
[+] Do I need to sign a contract with your company?
No, German TV is a no-contract prepaid service and you do not need to sign any contract with us.
[+] If I pay month-to-month will I be automatically blocked from using your service after 30 days?
Yes, your TV service will remain active for 30 days after activation. That’s why we recommend setting up an automatic payment.
[+] Can I cancel your service if I want to? Do I have to pay any cancellation fee?
Yes, you can cancel your service any time. We do not take any cancellation fee. More about service cancellation you can find on Cancellations & Returns section in the bottom of the website.

Technical Questions

[+] How to set an internet connection on Alfabox?
If you see "Page loading error" message on the screen that means that your box is not connected to the internet.
For WiFi connection:
1. Press F4 on the remote control, select Network and press OK on the remote
2. Select WiFi connection and press OK
3. Select Auto (DHCP) to automatically receive IP address from your router
4. Press Scan to scan for all available wireless networks
5. Find and select your WiFi from the list of all available networks
6. Enter password for your WiFi
7. Press OK to save and apply
8. Go to Reload Portal and press OK on the remote
For Lan connection:
1. Press F4 on the remote control, select Network and press OK on the remote
2. Selcet Wired if you're connecting via cabel
3. Select Auto (DHCP) to automatically receive IP address from your router
4. You will see a message "DHCP mode activated", press OK
5. In System Settings choose "Reload portal"
[+] When to change resolution on your Alfa box?
You should change the resolution on your box if:
- Alfa logo appears but there is a black screen after
- You see "snow" on the screen
- Missed match output message
- Jumping screen

1. Connect your TV with the box via composite cable
2. Unplug the box
3. Press and hold MENU button on the remote and plug in the box. Hold the button MENU until blue screen appears
4. In SYSTEM SETTINGS make following changes:
For composite cable: NTSC 480i
For HDMI cable: 720i - 60 or 1080i - 60
5. Press arrow down and go to EXIT AND SAVE
6. Press the right arrow and select OK
[+] What's the difference between HDMI and Composite?
Composit cable has three plugs on one or on both sides - yellow (responsible for video signal), red and white (responsible for stereo audio signals). Composit cable will not allow you to watch HD channels or movies in HD quality.
HDMI cable has an A-type connector on each side. This type of cable allows you to watch HD channels or movies in HD quality.
[+] What is the difference between LAN and WiFi?
LAN uses physical mediums like cables to connect to the network. WiFi is a wireless network. That means that your devices are connected without physical wires. However, Wireless boxes do support both LAN and WiFi network connections.
[+] I would like to watch online and I’m getting a message to download VLC. What does it mean?
VLC is a free and open source cross-platform multimedia player that plays most files. In order to watch German TV online, you have to install VLC on your computer. You can find a step-by-step instruction about VLC player setup for Windows and Mac computers in your personal account on the website.
[+] What to do if my screen freezes/stops?
That means that your Internet connection speed is lower than required for our service. If you never had this problem before, please contact your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and check, if there is any maintenance work on the line.
[+] What to do if you see error: “can't fetch any data for this url”?
You can see this error when the tv box has lost the Internet connection. To fix the problem, you need to reboot your TV Box. If it doesn't help, do the following:
1. Reboot your Modem (remove the Power cord from modem, wait for 15 seconds and put the power cord back, wait for the full download). 
2. Reboot your Router (remove the Power cord from modem, wait for 15 seconds and put the power cord back, wait for the full download). Note: Verizon Fios and Time Warner have modem and router combined in one box.
3. Reboot your TV Box (Power cycle the box).
[+] What to do if I see black screen and "No Signal" caption on my TV?
Most likely you have troubles with connecting the TV Box and the TV. Do the following:
1. Check the connection between the box and the TV. Check if the cord is plugged in properly.< br /> 2. Check which TV input are you using with the TV Box (for HDMI cables – its HDMI1, HDMI2, HDMI3, HDMI4, etc. For Composite cables - Video 1, Video 2 or AV1/AV2).
3. Press ‘INPUT’ button (‘SOURCE’ ‘TV/VIDEO’) on TV remote. You will see the INPUT menu, where you need to choose the correct type of connection, used to connect your TV Box and TV.


[+] Do you have any special offers for German TV?
Yes, we do. Here is the list of Special offers we have right now:
- Free shipping in USA with the purchase of service
- Free Trial for our New Customers
- Free month of German TV service with TV purchase (yes, our Brooklyn based store sells TV for an amazing prices even better then Best Buy has)!
- Free month of German TV service with $500 purchase of any equipment or electronics (yes, our Brooklyn based store sells electronics and equipment as well)!
- Free month of German TV service if you recommend us a friend (If your friend subscribes for annual service or stays with us for 12 months)
- Discount price for additional boxes
[+] What kind of warranty on the equipment you give?
German TV Company guarantees service and equipment quality for their customers while they are using German TV service. The warranty is provided directly to the customer and can not be transferred with the equipment.
If the equipment is found to be defective, German TV Company will:
- Replace the equipment or
- Provide free repair of the equipment
[+] I've got a router on the 2nd floor and TV on the 1st floor. Can I use Wi-Fi connection to connect your TV Box?
Yes, you can buy TV Box with Wi-Fi connectivity, which will allow you to watch TV service without running a cable from 1st to the 2nd floor. But you should keep in mind, that while using Wi-Fi connection, there could be interference and data transfer could be unstable, which will lead to screen freezing/stopping. Wi-Fi network is very sensitive to nearby Wi-Fi networks and household appliances. We DO NOT recommend that type of connection.
[+] In case of moving to another address can I transfer my box and service?
Yes, that is not a problem at all. You can disconnect our box and move it to a different location at any time. The only requirement is stable internet connection with no less than 10 Mbit/s downloading speed at your new home.
[+] Why do I need an HDMI cable?
If your TV has an HDMI input then the HDMI cable is the best connection available for this TV because you can watch channels and movies in HD quality with this cable.