German TV Company is an inovative way to watch tv directly from German anywhere around the world. We are a rapidly growing company and looking for dynamic people to join our team. Our employees are our pride and our most valuable asset. We are also young, dedicated and very ambitious.

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Resourcefulness (do more with less) Honesty Reliability Accountability Perfectionism

Join our Team

If you want to work among the best of the best then we are the right place for you. We want to create the right environment where everyone is able to reach their maximum potential and obtain the necessary skills and expertise to become a true member of the elite team.

*We are ONLY looking for people whose values match our values. Please don't apply if any of your values do not match.

Employment Process

Recruitment process for full-time employment
has multiple stages.


If you consider yourself an ideal candidate then apply to the post below with answer to the question 'why do you think you are the best candidate for this position". Applicants who don't answer this question WILL NOT be considered.


If we like your application then we will invite you to the interview. If you impress us during the interview we will invite you to the two week trial stage.


During the trial period you will be given materials to study as well as real tasks to complete. You will be evaluated based on your performance. If you do an excellent job during your trial then you will continue to the next 3 month BOOTCAMP stage.


During this stage you will learn everything about your job and will be given an opportunity to show the value that you can bring to the company. After the bootcamp stage if you are excellent you will become part of the team.

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Open Positions