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German TV Company offers the most convenient and innovative way to watch Polish tv directly from anywhere in the world. We are a rapidly growing company and we always welcome smart, ambitious, ninja problem-shooters who share similar values with us. So why don’t you learn a bit more about us before you join our world-class team and help us accomplish our goals.

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Resourcefulness (do more with less) Honesty Reliability Accountability Perfectionism

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If you would like to work among bright minds then our company is the right choice for you. We strive to create the right environment where everyone is eager to reach their maximum potential and obtain the necessary skills and expertise to become a true member of the elite team.

*We are ONLY looking for people whose values match our values. Please don't apply if any of your values do not match.

Employment Process

Recruitment process for full-time employment
has multiple stages.


If you consider yourself an ideal candidate then apply to the post below with a short essay 'Why do you think you are the best candidate for this position?". Applicants who don't answer this question WILL NOT be considered.


We aim to create a pleasant and productive work environment where our teammates are able to learn from their colleagues. To achieve this goal we hire specialists with advanced computer skills only. This is the requirement we have for all the positions, without exceptions. Hence, we use aptitude, personality and skills tests designed by the world's leading testing experts to help us make a more informed hiring decision.


We schedule a Skype interview between our HR team and the candidate. During the interview, you will be able to share more insights about yourself as well as to learn some details about the company, our culture, values, and more. If our first interview is a success, we will invite you to a second interview with your potential manager, who will also have a chance to get to know you better.


After successfully passing the interviews you will receive a job offer from us. When you accept it, we will have everything ready to welcome you onboard. This is the most exciting stage! You will be given plenty of study materials that cover various subjects. You will learn how to use our tools, procedures, routines and - what's pivotal - our style of communication. The onboarding process lasts only one week, and then the real work begins.

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