They say that USA and German TV look like each other. But we don’t agree. We found at least 3 things not in common. Interested? So, let’s follow this battle together. Who is better: USA vs. German TV.

USA and German TV

Difference №1: Germans are not so obsessed about sports watching as Americans

In the USA sports bars are not just popular. They are extremely popular. One sports bar may count a lot of TVs standing one on another and showing absolutely different games. In Germany, sports bars are not so widespread but every restaurant or cafe may become a sports bar for some time. For example, when an interesting football game is on air. At this time all restaurants switch on their TVs and invite guests to share the broadcast.

Difference №2: the number of ads

It‘s clear that TV can’t live without ads – a source of financial stability. But the way American and German channels broadcast commercial info varies. For example, people in America appreciate short ads blocks. At the same time, Germans are more used to long breaks in between the film or TV show.

Difference №3: Primetime

Most popular TV shows and films in the USA normally start at 8 pm while in Germany the so-called prime time begins 15 minutes later. The reason – old German tradition to watch the news every day at 8 pm.

But in principle, the USA and German TV have a lot of similar things like types of programs, topics, etc. And what do you think? Share your opinion with us.