Watching TV will always be in trend. Even the Internet is not able to change this fact. But the way oh how we watch TV changes from year to year, becoming more and more interesting and technological. We gathered opinions of futurists and scientists that to figure out how we will watch TV in the future.

TV in the future

Theory 1

Content for concrete people

Nowadays people value their time so high that they are just not ready to spend one or two hours watching something not interesting or relevant. So TV watching should understand the priorities of the customers and follow them. In principle, we already have the possibility to choose what to watch with the help of streaming services. There is a high possibility that streaming will develop more and more actively in the near future.

Theory 2 

A lot of original content

TV market players already fight for unique content - they produce their own films and shows trying to attract attention to their products. In the future, unique content will be the king and probably will become the main source of the TV shows income.

Theory 3 

Only excellent customer experience

If the App doesn't work correctly, what will you do? Right - switch to another one or call to the support service. That to keep customers interested, TV service makers will all the time rebuild their Apps and software, searching for new design and productivity solutions.

Theory 4

Control the ads

Advertising means money. Bur ads in their common understanding become less and less exciting and interesting. Taking this into account, marketing managers search for new ways and models of video advertising. Who knows, maybe in some years customers will get the opportunity to take part in ads themselves that to test the product.

Theory 5

All about virtual reality

Virtual reality. Maybe it’s really a technology able to change almost every sphere of our life. Especially now, when personal contacts are restricted almost all around the world. VR can help people to take part in meetings, play games and even participate in a favorite show and at the same time stay at home. Some scientists think that people in the future will want to influence on the plot of the movies they watch. And VR is a key to that.

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