Germany is the country with quite a high rank of TV watching. A lot of Germans have a tradition to watch the latest news every evening at 8 and then to switch to some interesting show or movie. According to the Statista website, foreign film products are quite popular in Germany. For example, Game of Thrones was watched by 18% of the responders in Germany in 2018. Big Bang Theory got an even better result – 24%.

German best TV shows

But Germans like not only to watch but also to make shows, Let’s take a look at what is popular in the country right now.


This long-lasting tv show you will definitely find in any list like “top 5 top German TV shows” or “top 10 German TV shows”.

Tatort is filmed from the 1970s and every year fans can watch 30 new episodes about the best policeman from Germany, Austria, and Switzerland solving tough cases.

Babylone Berlin

Babylon Berlin

One more top German crime TV show which is well-known even outside the country. It shows the times before the Second World War and actually answers the question of why Hitler was able to become so powerful.

Türkish für Anfängener (Turkish for beginners)

Turkish fur Anfanger

Funny top German teen TV show worth watching if you want to know how people of different nationalities live together. German lady with two kids falls in love with the Turkish man also with two kids. So, they decide to live all together in one house. This decision became the point where everything becomes very funny.

Doctor’s Diary

One more TV show that proves German high sense of humor. If you like watching Doctor House, Doctor’s Diary is also a good choice for you. This top German TV show tells the story of the doctor who wants to find her love but always finds herself in funny and comedy situations. The show is full of medical terms and diagnoses. So, be prepared. :)

Gute Zeichen, schlechter Zeichen (Good times, bad times)

Long last daily German soap Opera launched in 1992. One of the top German family and teen TV shows. It describes the kife of the unreal districts in the heart of Berlin and the lives of the inhabitants. In the very beginning Gute Zeichen, schlechter Zeichen was not too successful but the interesting plot made the show so popular that it goes on even today. Suitable for all fans Beverly Hills 90210.