Spend 500 USD and Get 50 Days of Premium Service


For more than 12 years, our clients have been enjoying top-quality service and the newest technologies. We at German TV Company know that you expect the best things from us. And we know, too, that everything has been pretty calm recently. It was for a reason though. We have been working on a new offer. So, what if you get even more every time when you spend funds on our services? Spend 500 USD on our service, and get 50 days of Premium subscription for free! 

What You Get with a Premium Package

With the Premium package from German TV company, you get:

  • Access to more than 130 channels.

  • German movies in the video library.

  • The function of delayed streaming.

  • Availability on any device that connects to the internet.

  • Access to all the benefits on 4 devices simultaneously.

  • Two-weeks archive.

Ready to boost your experience with your friends? We don't limit you, bring your friends and get as many days for free as you want!