happy Easter with GTVC

Happy Easter!

He Is Risen! - we are greeting one another this way on the holy Easter day. Easter is here, with all those traditions that make this holiday unique and so much loved by kids and adults. The German TV Company team wishes you all peace, joy, warmth, and blessings. May this wonderful holiday bring you a new start if you need it and make all your dreams come true. 

Interesting details about Easter traditions

Do you colour Easter eggs? Then, you might be wondering where this tradition comes from. 

There is nothing surprising that since pagan times, an egg symbolizes a new life. Now, its meaning is the same. 

While now, eggs are coloured in all possible colours, the initial colour of an Easter egg is red. It is told that when Maria Magdalena brought boiled eggs to the place where Jesus was crucified, a drop of his blood fell on the eggs and they turned red. Since then, an egg is a symbol of life, and its red colour symbolizes the blood of Christ. 

Another interesting Easter symbol is a bunny. What can it have in common with the Christian holiday though? In pagan times, German tribes used to honor the goddess of fertility named Eostre. Now, it is easy to connect the bunny with the celebration. Easter later took the symbol and continued the tradition. 

Easter baskets stuffed with grass are one more symbol worth mentioning. It looks like a nest, doesn`t it? And indeed, initially, those were nests for Easter eggs. Now, they turned out in nicely looking baskets. But the sense stays the same. 

Cross rolls are one more symbol without which Easter is indispensable. While we all make or buy cross rolls, this tradition is difficult to trace. It is believed that everything started in the 12th century when one monk used to mark his rolls with a cross as a sign of Good Friday. But the first records about them are found in the 18th century only. 

Easter Brunnen is decorated in many places in Germany. Along with the celebrations of spring, new life, fertility, Germans also started celebrating the sources of water. Now, it is just a nice tradition. 

Are you ready for Easter? We hope you will spend the day in the way you want. And German TV Company will take care of the best movies and shows so that you never get bored. 

Happy Easter!

Your German TV Company team