We have compiled a rating of the top most popular German music channels that are on for many years and, in spite of the ages and fashion, remain popular. Is your favorite channel among them?

German Music TV channels

Deutsches Musik Fernsehen

Deutsches Musik Fernsehen - is the most famous german music tv channel to date. If you like not only traditional but also modern folk music, we advise you to turn your attention to this channel. This channel began to exist only 13 years ago but is already the most popular among the existing german music channel.

In addition to rotating non-stop clips 24 hours a day, you can also listen to instrumental pieces that take place every day at 12:00. If you are a lover of classic German songs, then after 10 p.m. you can hear all the hits of the 80s and 90s and nostalgic with Die Amigos blowing. The program guide is available here.

Folx TV

One of the favorite german music video channel. This is a subsidiary channel from Volksmusik.tv, but the main difference is in the cozy, more comfortable, home atmosphere.

You can check it yourself by visiting this TV channel website. There you can enjoy your favorite music videos and TV shows.
Due to the pandemic, the TV channel team had to stay at home and the channel was temporarily suspended, but the team found a new interesting format of work - work from home, where their families become their operators and the presenters themselves communicate with musicians and famous cultural figures using a teleconference, the dialogs go very interesting and homely. This you have not seen before!


You know this television under the name GMC german music channel, but few people know that it was renamed Deutsches Musik Fernsehen. The official website of the channel is www.deutsches-musik-fernsehen.de.

If you are a lover of duets like Marianne & Michael, Speelwark, Ireen Sheer, Chris Howland, Claudia Jung, Patrick Lindner, Astrid Harzbecker, Jonny Hill and Eva-Maria, we strongly recommend you to visit the YouTube channel with all the clips of the 90s.