When you want to have some rest after a long working day or during a weekend and watch a nice movie or a TV show, you don`t want to spend ages looking for them. Also, such a search is connected with mistakes, disappointments, becoming angry and even frustrated. Nobody needs these feelings instead of pleasant emotions and having rest.

That`s why German TV Company has chosen the best TV shows ever based on the reviews or our viewers. Along with the common rating, we have prepared short reviews of TV shows to give you an idea about what they are.

Dark (supernatural thriller)


Photo: YouTube

If you want something not connected with WWII or Nazis, this is a TV show for you. Everything starts when a small child disappears. Four families are rushing for the kid`s search but many more details are to be uncovered. While their search is going on, their sinful past is exposed. What are those double lives and strange relationships that exist between the members of the four families? All of them have some connection with a strange history of their town, and it doesn`t matter whether they know about it. 

Get ready for a mysterious trip to find out what lies behind a mystery and find replies to all the questions. 

Biohackers (sci-fi thriller)


Photo: 2X2

Mia is a medical student. She studies genetics and is interested in biohacking technologies. However, her studies are not limited to pure scientific interest. She has a secret connection with one of the best university lecturers Tanja Lorenz. Mia is trying to get her trust and solve the mysterious death of her brother. Led by these intentions, she gets involved in illegal genetic experiments. 

The series shows science in a way that even the most ignorant viewers become interested. Moreover, it is pretty realistic. Instead of cruising the space in an ultra-modern spaceship which might not happen for several generations ahead, the movie tells us about the real world. Unwillingly, one thinks whether such technologies exist indeed and whether the film isn`t trying to inform us about something that is happening around us.

How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast) (Teenager Comedy)


Photo: Netflix

This is a nice comedy to watch with friends or family members. Moritz is a nerdy who has decided to become rich. He doesn`t find another option but to start selling drugs online. Soon, he becomes one of the most successful drug dealers in Europe. 

Babylon Berlin (Criminal Thriller)


Photo: Afisha

This is a movie for those who love thrillers. The events unfold in 1920. A policeman who is suffering from PTSD and a typist who is dreaming of becoming a cop combine their abilities to investigate a porn ring. While they are working together, they uncover a super dangerous intrigue web. The film stands our thanks to wonderful acting and realistic sets. There, specific humor, humanity, feelings, and the most mysterious scenes are connected to create a masterpiece. 

Wir Sind die Welle (We Are the Wave) (drama)


Photo: TV Time

Bullied teens are always vulnerable. That`s why it is so easy for a mysterious classmate to recruit them in a rebellion group. Initially, it was a group revolting against the existing establishment of things: anti-environmentalism, rightwing values, and similar. While young people are inspired and believe that they are doing something for their future, Tristan, the mysterious classmate, encourages them to commit more radical violent, sometimes illegal acts.

The story is directed very carefully, it shows a deep understanding of a young mind. The acting of young actors shows that they believe in what they are doing.