On the eve of the upcoming Halloween, we have prepared for you a selection of the most terrifying horror films of 2021 :


Till Death

The husband presented Emma with a very unusual wedding anniversary gift... Suicide and a terrifying trap. The woman was handcuffed to her husband's dead body in a country house, where she can't even call anyone. But the psychopath did not stop there, he planned to kill his wife too, the house is full of dangers …

The Unholy 

a reporter comes to a small town where a girl who can work miracles lives, planning to write an article about this miracle. But it turns out that the forces of evil are involved in the story and mysterious events begin to happen here


The new part of the film Saw with a completely different plot from the previous parts. This time, during the investigation of horrific murders, the police themselves get into a deadly game. Now their task is not only to find the killer but also to survive.

A Quiet Place Part 2

In the new part of the thriller, the family, forced to remain silent in order to survive, goes in search of a safe place, encountering new dangers along the way. But wherever they are, they are being chased by sinister creatures hunting for sound.

Halloween Kills 

Аfter the events of the last film, the mysterious psychopath still managed to survive and continues to hunt people. The women he couldn't kill are trying to make every effort to escape, but it turns out to be a very difficult task!

Dear friends, we wish you happy holidays, cool costumes, a good mood, a lot of fun these days, and three c's of Halloween real estate are candy, candy, and candy!