German TV Company congratulates our dear viewers on the upcoming Veterans Day. In anticipation of this Holiday, we have prepared a selection of the TOP 5 movies to spend time with family. Let's take inspiration from the stories about the courage and triumph of brave souls. 

Captain America: The First Avenger (Released: 2011)

Captain America

Source: Colby Bryant

This adventure film is based on the comic's plot by Marvel Comics. The protagonist Steve Rogers volunteered to take part in a secret research experiment. After that, he had transformed into a super-soldier known as Captain America. Rogers joins the US military to fight an enemy organization and defend his country's ideals. We are sure that this film will fascinate you and will not let you go until the credits.

Forrest Gump (Released: 1994)


Source: Age Rating JuJu

This is a favorite story about Forrest Gump, a strange man with a noble and open heart. During his amazing life, Forest became a famous footballer, war hero, and successful businessman. Even after becoming a billionaire, he remains naive and kind. Forrest will succeed, but kindness, compassion, and devotion to the Fatherland are more important than recognition and money. We recommend this versatile, lively, and touching film for the whole family.

Saving Private Ryan (Released: 1998) 


Source: IMDb

The cult film tells the story of Private James Francis Ryan, who fought in the battles of World War II. At the same time, it becomes known that three of his brothers were killed in action. The command decides to demobilize James and save his life to take him home to his mother. A group of soldiers has been assigned to this rescue mission, but will Ryan agree to abandon his comrades before a critical battle? 

Greyhound (Released: 2020)


Source: Afisha

This military and adventure film tells about the early days of the US involvement in World War II. The supply of goods and food by air has been stopped, so everything that is needed has to be supplied to the Allies by sea. Under these conditions, naval officer Ernst Krause becomes the new captain of the US Navy destroyer "Greyhound". The first mission of the captain is to deliver the cargo to the shores of Great Britain through the waters of Antarctica. This is his baptism of fire, because before Krause did not take the sea on a warship. Will the captain be able to preserve the courage and life of the crew, if at every step the ship is trapped by a lurking enemy?

Dear John (Released: 2011)


Source: IMDb

This is a romantic love story of the American soldier John Tyree and the kind and beautiful Savannah Curtis. Young people immediately liked each other, but soon they will have to part. John returns to the army, and Savannah returns to college. Despite the separation, the lovers agreed to write to each other. "Dear John" is how Savannah always begins her letters. John's return seems close, but everything changes after the events of September 11, John was offered a second term in the army. Will young people be able to keep love at a distance, and what will be stronger: romantic feelings or duty?


Dear friends, the German TV Company wishes you an unforgettable Armistice Day weekend with your family.