Dear Friends, in recent years, series are gaining more and more popularity and can be compared with Hollywood masterpieces. A variety of exciting stories win the hearts of millions of viewers.

We decided to share with you a selection of our favorites for the last year :

Gray’s Anatomy (season 18) 2021 | USA


Source: News Concerns

A favorite story of millions of people is about doctors who are saving other people's lives every day and trying to figure out their own. Love and hate, passion and indifference, attempts to find out the truth along with solving the most complex medical problems. 

Lucifer  (season 6) 2021 | USA


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Hot as hell! Seems that the seductive Lucifer is not going to return to his abode because he still has things to do on earth... A beloved woman who needs constant protection and the fight against demons make Lucifer stay with us for another season.

The Blacklist (season 9) 2021 | USA 


Source: The Bulletin Time

A dangerous criminal while in prison helps in solving violent crimes. But he agrees to do this only if he works together with a young and talented employee of the FBI Elizabeth Keen. The continuation of an exciting detective story in the new season of the series

The Handmaid’s Tale (season 4) 2021 | USA


Source: MARCA

The feminist TV series caused huge indignation thereby gaining popularity. A story about a utopian state in which women were completely deprived of their rights, and later they were used like incubators for bearing children for rich families. The audience was looking forward to the fourth season of the series.

The Good Doctor (season 5) 2021 | USA


Source: Oracle Globe

The story is about a young talented doctor who has to overcome not only professional but also personal difficulties. He copes with all the tasks, despite his serious illness. This series definitely deserved to be continued!

Wir Sind Jetzt (season 3) 2021 | Germany


Source: Filmfest - München

To do everything you want, go through the parties, drugs, first experience, alcohol, without thinking about the consequences” is how the young heroes of the series lived until they faced death... This story makes you think about what is really important in life.

The Witcher ( season 2) 2021 | USA/PL


Source: The Beyond News

The continuation of the fantasy series, based on the plot of the famous book.

The story of a Warrior with a magical talent who fights the forces of darkness and tries to save the life of his beloved. All this happens during the war, between the kingdoms, where the hero has to fight with fantastic monsters.

Dexter (season 10) 2021 | USA


Source: Screen Rant

This season is definitely different from the previous ones. Dexter is finding it increasingly difficult to deal with psychological problems. And also it is becoming hard for people who know about his second life to keep a secret. There will be no fewer bloody scenes and punishments of criminals in the new season.

Sex Education (season 3) 2021 | USA


Source: The Filmy Series

The problems of modern teenagers, difficult relationships with peers and parents, all this is in the series Sexual Education. A very progressive plot that will not make you bored.

Y The Last Man 2021 USA | Australia 



The series is based on a science fiction comic book, in which after the apocalypse, only one man remains on earth. He will have to face a new world and try to survive in it