Thanksgiving Day is celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November. This year, the celebration falls on the 25th. Locally, the tradition began as early as 1621, when the Pilgrims reaped the first harvest on the new continent. At the end of autumn, people thanked the land for the harvest and local residents for their help in mastering the craft of farming. According to legend, the first holiday lasted 3 days.

A lot has changed since then, and the meaning of the celebration has also changed. Traditions and interpretations transformed, and the holiday took on a special meaning in American culture and became a family holiday. After all, respect, unity, and gratitude are eternal values.

Dear friends, Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday that is best spent with loved ones. It is often accompanied by active games and family walks. At the same time, the festive table remains an unchanged attribute of the celebration: turkey, pumpkin, corn, and apple pie. Some families have their own traditions, for example, taking a piece of paper and writing down the joyful moments of the year. On the other side of this paper, they write about the difficulties and challenges that they had to overcome.

You can continue having fun and have a good rest after the celebration by watching a good movie. In this case, we have prepared a selection of themed films and cartoons for the whole family.

The Blind Side (2009)

The Blind Side

Source: IMDb

The film is based on the true story of Lee Ann Tuohy and Sean Tuohy. The married couple takes a homeless teenager, Michael Ocher, into their home. Michael's mother is a drug addict, and the guy doesn't know his father at all. Poor education and lack of self-confidence doom the guy to a hopeless existence. But the picture shows how love and faith can change destiny, and how selfless help creates miracles. And most importantly, this is an example of how a person with a bright soul comes out of a dark childhood. The dedication to his new family helps Michael fulfill his potential as a student and football player. This is how the film reminds us that generosity does not seek benefits for itself but readily does good to others. But history reminds us that there is always a way out of any problem. We highly recommend this soulful movie for the whole family!

Eat Pray Love (2010)

Eat Pray Love

Source: Un Herd

This is a story about rethinking, awareness, and returning to your true self. Despite the material well-being, the main character Julia feels the inferiority of life, realizes that she does not live like that and is not where she would like. After divorcing her husband, she went on a trip to Italy, India, and Indonesia. Will such a path help to go beyond the usual framework and stereotypes, find a taste for life, find harmony and love? The film makes you learn to enjoy every day you spend, what you eat for breakfast, and who you spend time with. Losing harmony is scary, but living without love, faith, and support is sometimes even scarier. A must-see for all aesthetes and travel lovers!

Little Women (2019)

Little Women

Source: News Week

A stunning adaptation of the novel by Louise May Alcott. The plot focuses on four sisters from the March family – Josephine "Joe", Margaret "Meg", Amy and Elizabeth "Beth". Each of them has a different character, dreams, and own attitude to the world around them. The film is set during the 1868 American Civil War. Despite such difficult times and difficult financial situations, girls are looking for their place in the world, trying to know themselves and find true love. Someone is looking for consolation in painting, someone in acting, someone in literature or music… Recommends this soft, kind, very beautiful film for a calm evening viewing.

Love at the Thanksgiving Day Parade (2011)

Love at the Thanksgiving Day Parade

Source: Hallmark Movies and Mysteries

Emily Jones has dedicated her career to coordinating the annual Thanksgiving parade. This Year, Emily hopes for a memorable holiday and expects a marriage proposal from her boyfriend. But things are not going according to plan. First, Emily is forced to work with a new colleague - Henry, who is so inappropriately hired to check the finances of the project. And then, as Thanksgiving draws near, the girl realizes that her relationship with her old boyfriend has overshadowed her falling in love with a new colleague. Will she be able to confess her true feelings and end the feud while coordinating the parade of her dream?

Free Birds (2013)

Free Birds

Source: Wallscloud

In addition, we offer you an exciting and funny cartoon that will be interesting to watch with your children. Reggie is an unusual turkey who knows how to think. It became clear to him that Turkey is the main dish on Thanksgiving. Horrified by this thought, he decides to save the other turkeys. First, Reggie tries to explain to others that they are destined to decorate the table. However, everyone considers him to be a madman and does not want to believe that they are being fed for slaughter. But at one point, Reggie has a chance to travel back in time and change the traditions of Americans. He is set to return in 1621 and remove the turkey from the holiday menu. Are you going to find out if he can save the whole turkey family?

Dear friends, German TV Company wishes you a warm, unforgettable, and soulful Thanksgiving Day. We hope that the proposed selection of films will bring you pleasure and joy in watching.