Do you want to watch something special, something that other people love watching, and for what they are constantly giving their votes? Try the list of top 5 German TV series that German TV Company has prepared for you based on the reviews of users. These are the series that constantly take top positions in our ratings. Among them, you can find all types of genres, starting from educational ones and to horror or thriller movies.

Daily English

This is an unusual TV series, and it is not surprising that they are among the best ones, or rather that they are in the top. Daily English is a series of English lessons that will help to refresh your knowledge and bring up the basic skills in the English language. This series is perfect for those whose families have just moved out of Germany abroad and are polishing their English skills.

Super Simple Songs

This series couldn`t be left without attention. We all remember those times when we knew at least a couple of lines from popular English songs and believed that this factor makes us super cute. 

So, Super Simple Songs are songs for kids. They are so simple and fun that the smallest members of your family will have fun singing them along and learning English with them. The biggest fun is guaranteed to your little ones, and if you want, you can join them, too.

Raised by Wolves

While the first two positions in our rating were taken by educational series, there are also purely entertaining series. Raised by Wolves is one of the most recent creations by Ridley Scott, and for now, it has received the most positive reviews from both critics and viewers. 

Imagine that a couple of androids are trying to raise human children. It sounds weird, doesn`t it? But not in the world of the future where Earth is devastated by constant wars, including nuclear ones, and a couple of pre-programmed androids leaves the planet with six human babies. Their aim is to reach the virgin planet Kepler 22. They are trying to be good parents but from six babies, only one survives. And thus, androids return to Earth to take more kids with them.

It sounds like pure sci-fi until you learn that there are people, too. Some of them are atheists, and one of the mentioned atheists pre-programmed the androids. Others are fanatics worshipping something called Sol (supposedly the sun). 

In the series, there are so many unusual things, details, events, characters, that you for sure will want to continue watching it until the end for a mere reason to find out what the hell is going on there. And we believe, the movie isn`t going to disappoint you. 


This is a drama series about a teenager Assane Diop whose life changed once and forever when his father had to go to prison because he was accused of a crime he hasn`t committed. A couple of decades later, Diop is trying to commit his ultimate crime: to steal the famous necklace that belonged to Marie Antoinette. 


Barbarians is one of the most prominent German historical dramas. The events are unfolding in 9AD. Armenius was presented to the Roman Empire as a child and was brought up to become a high-ranking Roman soldier. Later, he is sent to his native land Germania to set up the rule of Romans.