IPTV providers, including German TV Company, offer a waste number of channels in every paid subscription plan. While all the channels are divided into categories, checking all of them asap is still impossible.

If you are one of the users who prefer to choose a couple of the most interesting channels and watch them constantly, you might be interested in knowing what channels are watched the most frequently. For example, among 10 best sports channels, you might be interested in one or two. The same principle applies to channels broadcasting movies, series, and similar. 

That`s why German TV Company has made the rating of the best German channels to facilitate your choice. You are welcome to check them and decide whether some of them can be your preferred ones or not.

Thus, the top 5 German channels are the following

Das Erste

Das Erste is one of the major channels in Germany. The channel management is in the Association of Public Broadcasting Corporations in Germany. Das Erste is jointly managed by nine broadcasting corporations operating at the national level. 

This is one of the oldest channels, as well. It started its operation in 1950 under the name Deutsches Fernsehen.

Now, the channel broadcasts the widest variety of content for any type of viewer. Those are sports programs, shows and cartoons for kids, TV shows, series, talk shows, and any other content type that you might think about.

The channel broadcasts free-to-air in some regions, it is also available on the web, via cable TV and satellite. 


ZDF, or Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen is one of the major German TV broadcasters in the country and abroad. The channel was launched in 1959, and since then, it has been constantly among the top TV broadcasters in the country. Later, it spread its influence abroad, too. 

The channel is financed from the license fees and ads. The content can be watched via terrestrial TV, satellite, and cable TV. All the programs and series are available on the web, too.

One of the most popular programs is Heute. It is a news broadcast that has existed since 1963. Another famous show was Wetten, dass..? It existed from 1981 up to 2014. 

Now, the channel broadcasts all types of content, including plenty of programs, cartoons and shows for kids, culture programs, documentaries, entertainment and information shows, series, talk shows and sports programs.

Now, the channel is available in all parts of the world where the internet connection is. It is one of the most watched German channels in the country and abroad.

RTL (Radio Television Luxembourg)

This is an international media company with offices in Luxembourg and Cologne, Germany. The company owns and operates 68 TV channels and 31 radio stations. They are broadcasted in Germany and abroad. The company also operates several streaming platforms, content production divisions, also it manages a significant range of digital services and ad sales.

The company as it is was launched in 2000. The RTL group is one of eight subdivisions of Bertelsmann company.

RTL is known for the widest variety of top-quality content. There, you can watch sports programs, TV shows, talk shows, TV series, movies, programs for kids, cartoons, news, and similar.


Vox is a German TV channel broadcasting from Cologne, Germany. This is the second-largest broadcasting, radio, TV and production company. The channel was launched in 1993. It belongs to the RTL group. 

In 1998, Vox signed a contract with 20 Century Fox, and since then, the channel started broadcasting more movies and shows.

Now, Vox is one of the most popular and successful private TV channels and companies in Germany and abroad. 

Now, the channel broadcasts movies, TV series, shows, news, and similar.

Sat 1. Deutschland

Sat 1. Deutschland is one more channel that broadcasts free-to-air. Sat 1. is considered to be the first private television network in the country. 

The channel started its operation with broadcasting old German movies, popular American films. Later, it added shows such as Wheel of Fortune, its German version Gluecksrad. 

The channel is available in a standard definition feed which is broadcasted free-to-air, and HD feed which is available based on a subscription. 

Currently, the channel is notable for broadcasting a good number of programs for kids, entertainment shows and other programs, informational programs, series, and talk shows. Movies of all types are available, too.