At some point, everybody thinks about the sense of life, death, and whether there is something before we are born and after we die. Finally, what happens to those people whose mind seems to be far away at the moment? Where they are, in this world or somewhere else? 

If you have ever asked yourself these questions, Pixar`s Soul is your cartoon. It is available on GTVC already. 

This cartoon is perfect to watch in a family circle. While kids are following the adventures of the main characters, you will be discovering plenty of things to think about. Along with it, you will learn about kindness, understanding, love for those small things that surround us every day and that pass by without being noticed. The cartoon is teaching you to enjoy every second of your life. It is not surprising that it was awarded the Golden Globe Award.



Now, it is time to check the plot

The main character Joe Gardner is not young. He teaches music at school, and he doesn`t even work full-time there. It seems that when the school director announced that he is officially employed, he shall be happy. However, it is just what we believe. He doesn`t feel the happiness though. 

The reason is simple: he has always been dreaming of becoming a great musician. But for now, he hasn`t achieved much. A full-time position means that he, most likely, will forever get stuck there. 

Surprisingly, very soon, he receives a call from his former student. Joe gets a chance to play with the legendary Dorothea. But when he is returning home to get ready for the evening, he falls into a manhole. 

He finds himself, or rather his soul, traveling to Great Beyond. However, he isn`t willing to go there because his dream has just started to come true. He is trying to escape and lands in Great Before, a place where souls are trained to go to the Earth. 

There, he is assigned to train 22, a soul that wants to stay in Great Before forever. He agrees with 22 that when he helps her to get a pass to the Earth, she will give it to him, and 22, in return, will have an opportunity to stay in Great Before forever. 

They almost manage to complete the plan but by a mistake, everything goes wrong. The soul of Joe ends up in the body of a nice therapy cat, and 22 lands in the body of Joe. A great adventure on the Earth starts. Joe learns from 22 that life can be much more pleasant than he used to think. Joe is ready to reconsider his life and he is looking forward to returning to his body when something unexpected happens. 22 falls in love with life and doesn`t want to leave the Earth. 

How are these both going to solve the issue? You can find out from the cartoon, moreover, it is available for watching already. 

And for the moment, let us check the most impressive moments that cartoon offers. 

Soul is not just a cartoon that touches such matters as death, life, and similar. It displays the deepest psychological conditions and analyzes what can cause them. For example, this cartoon teaches you to be very careful with words. Even one uncareful word or phrase can turn a lightweight happy soul into a lost creature unable to die nor to live. Are you ready to do it? 

The cartoon will demonstrate to you how one might feel after such words are told. Your words turn into huge awful monsters that torture the soul without giving it even the smallest break. Are you ready to create one of the monsters? Also, the cartoon teaches us that even the worst errors can be corrected and everything can be improved if one really wants to do it. Watch the cartoon, we are sure that you will enjoy it.