When you are looking for a good movie to watch after a long working day, the least that you want is to look among thousands of all types of films in an effort to choose something worth watching. In the end, you might get frustrated and decide not to watch anything at all.

That`s why German TV Company has compiled a list of the TOP 5 German movies based on the reviews of German TV Company users. Here, you can not just check the rating but also read a short review of every movie. We hope this rating will facilitate your choice and will help you to spend the best evening at home ever.

Raya and the Last Dragon (Animated Fantasy)

Raya and the Last Dragon

Photo: IVI

Raya and the Last Dragon is at the top of our rating for one simple reason: this animated fantasy is a perfect piece to watch for both kids and adults.

The plot is pretty fascinating. Some far away, centuries ago, in a magic land called Kumandra, people and dragons lived happily side by side. They lived happily until evil monsters started threatening the fantasy world with their inhabitants. Only dragons could defeat the monsters, but it could cost them their lives, too. Even knowing it, dragons sacrificed their lives to save their human friends from an awful death.

500 years later, the monsters returned. There is a legend about a dragon that has survived the fight that took place 500 years ago, and a lone warrior sets off to find the last dragon and save humankind.

Raya and the Last Dragon is a story about real friendship, sacrifice, love. This is a perfect piece to watch in the circle of your family.

Wonder Woman (a Superhero Movie)

Wonder Woman

Photo: ITN

Princess Diana is a princess. However, she rules not a country but an Amazonian race. Everything goes as usual in her life until she meets a US navy pilot Steve. She learns about the war and rushes to the world of men. Her mission is now to help to defeat the god of war Ares and save humankind.

Users tell that this movie has everything one wants from a superhero movie. The main character is easily recognizable, it is one of the main characters from the first comics. Also, the princess is one of the first female superheroes.

The graphics are nice, the actors did their best, and all in all, it is a nice movie to watch with friends and family.

Coming2America (Comedy)


Photo: IVI

To understand what is happening in Coming2America 2021, you shall know the background history. The prince of Zamunda Akeen has to marry a woman he has never seen. Yes, it is going to be an arranged marriage, and while for some cultures, and for us, too, it seems illogical and unnatural, this is a tradition in some countries. Akeen doesn`t accept it so easily though. He goes to New York to find the only love of his life.

Now, Akeen is the king of Zamunda, and everything seems to go smoothly for him until he finds out that in America, he has a son. It is time for the African king to return to New York to meet his son.

The movie is filmed with the expected humor. All the details are so realistic that sometimes, viewers might believe that they are indeed in the world of Zamunda. The costumes are brilliant. The acting is even better. 

If you are looking for a good comedy to have a good laugh and relax, Coming2America 2021 shall be your choice. 

Zack Snyder`s Justice League (Superhero)

Zack Snyder`s Justice League

Photo: NME

Frequently, the movie is referred to as Sanders Cut. It is based on the fifth film of the DC Extended Universe and comic series Justice League.

Once more, the main characters are doing their best to save the world from the evil Darkseid, Steppenwolf, and their herds of Parademons. 

The production of the movie was very complicated. After the death of his daughter, Snyder left the team. The movie was completed by Joss Whedon but he is not mentioned as one of the movie directors. The movie was released in 2017 and received mixed reviews, and the fans of the previous version insisted on the repeated release which shall be closer to the vision of Snyder. 

Thus, another version was made dedicated to the daughter of Snyder called Autumn. The last version is considered to be an improvement to the previous corrected version. It saw life in January 2021 and enjoyed significant success.

This is a movie for fans of the genre. If you are one of them, you are recommended to watch it.

Bound (Mystery, Thriller)


Photo: Mauvais-Genres

It is difficult to classify this movie as a comedy, a thriller, or whatever. It has elements of everything. Do you love thriller movies? Then, you can watch it. Are gangster movies your favorite? Then, Bound is also for you, it is about gangsters! Do you love comedies? We guarantee you will have a good laugh while watching Bound. 

A tough woman moves to live in a new apartment. In the lift, she meets a Mafiosi with his girlfriend. Later, she finds out that the girlfriend is a lesbian but she is afraid to tell her about it to her Mafiosi-boyfriend. However, her interest in the new neighbor is so evident that it cannot be just unnoticed. Moreover, the sexy newcomer is a lesbian, too. 

Well, this is for sure not a movie to watch with kids: there are sex scenes, and in general, this is not the content type for young minds. Also, if you are too sensitive to matters of LGBT, this is not a movie for you because it is too sharp.