If you prefer watching movies in a specific genre only, you might feel nothing more but frustration when searching among the best movies of all the genres. That`s why German TV Company has created the rating of top 5 genres. We have also provided a short description of each genre to ensure you are looking for the right piece. And of course, you can also have a look at the titles of the best movies in every specific category.

Don`t forget please that many movies are difficult to classify in one or another genre only. That`s why sometimes you can see in a movie review such genres as drama and comedy, or thriller and action, and similar. With our rating, it will be easier for you to determine what to look for.


Drama is plot-driven and shows realistic characters. It is not necessarily a sad movie like many viewers believe. The keyword is, probably, plot-driven. If you are trying to watch a drama movie from the middle, you might not understand the events and the connections between characters if you don`t know what everything was starting with.

Some kind of character development is a must in a drama. Also social interaction matters.

There are many sub-categories in drama. Those are romance dramas, political dramas, social dramas, and similar.

The most popular dramas of the last month are Euphoria: Troubles Don`t Last Always, The Last Kingdom, Bridgerton.


Action films are fast, filled with energy, fighting, chasing, and similar. Slow-motion shots are a typical feature in action movies, just to accentuate the speed. Rhythm and pacing are filling an action movie with energy. Everything is made to keep the viewers at the edge of their seats.

Very often, we don`t see the development of a character, and the characters are also divided into good and bad ones, without those subtle details that make us think about human nature.

Here, we classify spy films, superhero films, disaster movies, martial art films. 

The most popular action movies of the last months are Sonic the Hedgehog, The Hunt, The Old Guard.


A fantasy movie shows events that are happening in a mystical world. It can be another planet, a different dimension, or even our good old planet. But the setting is created in a way to make one significant detail clear: these events could never happen in reality, this setting is invented until the very last character. This is the main difference between a fantasy movie and a sci-fi movie. 

The world in a fantasy movie might be inhabited by people with some mystic creatures or just by mystic creatures. In most cases, these are the movies with a happy-end.

The most popular fantasy movies of the last month are Dune, Chaos Walking, Raya and the LAst Dragon, Wonder Woman.


Thriller movies are among the top popular because they evoke excitement, tension. The mentioned feeling of tension is created when the movie-makers are delaying the events that seem to be evident. In the end, the evident course of events might even appear to be the most erroneous one. 

In a thriller movie, life in general is shown as something rather threatening than joyful. The main characters might be not realizing they are going to enter a dangerous zone. But viewers know it, and the needed feeling is created by music, light, and in other ways. Usually, thriller movies are blended with other genres to create a mixture of a thriller and an action, or a thriller and a horror film, and similar.

The most popular thriller movies of the last month are Extraction, The Woman in the Window, Run, Archive.


The best horror movies are created to play with the deepest fears of a person. Very often, such films end in an unexpected manner or have an open ending when viewers can speculate. These speculations are also not the most optimistic in most cases.

Horror movies combine different styles. Those can be movies with people only involved. Another style is the movies with aliens, monsters, some supernatural powers, and similar. The plots are limited by the imagination of screenwriters only. 

Some horror movies have the elements of sci-fi, or drama, or an action, very frequently, they are classified as horror thrillers. But the main feature typical for all horror movies is one: they are scary.

The most popular horror movies of the last month are Quiet Place II, She Dies Tomorrow, To The Lake, Doctor Sleep.