It seems that 2021 has changed Hollywood forever. Of course, you still believe that Hollywood, and the USA in general, is the hub of equality. But from this post, you will learn some interesting details about it. Well, everything is not that simple as we used to believe. 

Here, we will talk about the Academy Award. Many women win it, don`t they? Even more, women are nominated for it constantly. However, think for a while: what are they nominated for? Have you ever checked whether among women-nominees or winners are those who got the award for the best picture? Or maybe for the best directing? 

Well, some statistical data is here. For the last 100 years, only one woman won the Academy Award for the best picture. The second woman-winner was presented in 2021. Now, we believe, it is time to learn a little bit more about that lady who has managed to change the history of the Academy Award nominations and victories. 


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Chloe Zhao With Her Nomadland

We send the warmest congratulations from German TV Company to Chloe Zhao, this year's winner of the Academy Award in the nomination for the Best Picture. We are sure you have heard about her movie Nomadland, and we believe she has deserved to get such an award for this kind of picture. And indeed, the movie is special, but about it, we will talk later.

Chloe is the second woman who won the Academy Award for the Best Picture for the last 100 years! The very first woman-winner was Kathryn Bigelow. She received the award for her movie “The Hurt Locker”. The first event took place in 2010, and just now, around 10 years later, Chloe Zhao repeated her success. 

Then, the Best Directing award. Chloe Zhao was also the second woman who won The Golden Globe for Best Directing. The very first woman-winner was Barbara Joan with her Yeti. It happened in 1983. 

However, this is still not everything. What do you think how many Asian women were awarded the Academy Award in these nominations? The correct answer is “one”, and this is Chloe. Yep, Chloe Zhan is the first woman of Asian origin who has received such appreciation for her work. 

These awards were not the first ones. Before the Academy Award ceremony, Nomadland has already been very positively received by both viewers and critics. So, the movie has collected such awards as the award from the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, the British Academy of Film and Television Arts, and the Directors Guild of America. It is impressive, to tell the least. 

Some Words About Chloe Zhan, a Talented Director

Chloe was born in Beijing in 1982. Her parents did their best to make her study, so she could pursue the career she wanted even though we cannot tell that her life was troubleless. 

Chloe`s debut is considered to be the movie Songs My Brothers Taught Me (2015). This very first movie received positive feedback from both viewers and critics which does not happen frequently. She was nominated for the Independent Spirit Award in the Category the Best First Feature. Her second movie is The Rider. It was also extremely positively received and was nominated for the same Independent Spirit Award in the category the Best Director. 

Even though Chloe Zhao used to create amazing movies and win, her biggest success is Nomadland. The movie won the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival. Further, Chloe won her main awards - the Academy Award for the Best Directing and the Best Movie, and the Directors Guild of America Awards. Chloe Zhao also was the first woman who won multiple major awards during the same year. 

Chloe Zhao is a Chinese. So, you would expect that her native country should have been proud of her. However, the movie didn't even have a theatrical release in China, and the success of the director was censored. 

Nomadland - A Story about People

So, what kind of movie is Nomadland? It tells us about the life of people during the Great Depression in the USA. It is not a documentary. The movie is all about a woman in her 50-ies, a typical representative of an average citizen at that time.

Fern loses everything: her husband dies, the factory where she worked her entire life closes, and she has to sell everything to buy a van and go to look for a job. Her life changes when she meets real nomads and learns all the beauty of the nomad life. 

Have you watched Nomadland? If not, we even feel envy. This is a movie to enjoy, doesn`t matter whether you are going to watch it alone, with friends, or with your family.