What about some good movies to watch in 2021? Some real masterpieces in the cinematography life are about to be released. It doesn`t matter what genre you prefer, you will find the most interesting movie for you, and GTVC has done its best to make a list of the most anticipated movies in 2021. We have included all types of films there to ensure you will find your favorite pieces.

Thus, here we go, with the most anticipated movies 2021. Check the list and choose those that you would like to watch with us.

Avatar 2


Photo: Filmpro

Director: James Cameron

Genre: Sci-fi


When the first part of Avatar was released in 2009, the world was impressed. Nothing has changed since then. Avatar 2 is one of the movies that are waited for by both critics and fans. Not many facts are revealed about the plot for now, but it is expected that Avatar 2 is going to be no less impressive.

Now, the story will be about Neytiri and Jake, as well as their kids. Thus, it is going to be one more family saga and the story about their fight with the evil humans.

Fast & Furious 10

Fast & Furious 10

Photo: The Live Mirror

Director: Justin Lin

Genre: action, crime


Fast & Furious 10 is supposed to be the closing part of the famous Furious Saga. Though according to some rumors, Part 11 is also going to be released.

The plot is not known yet, however, some speculations are being made. Well, it is going to be another story about a famous street racer Dominic Toretto. And of course, you can expect to see a lot of beautiful cars, street racing scenes, spies, and all the attributes of the famous franchise.

Shang Chi


Photo: Twiter

Director: Destin Cretton

Genre: adventure, action


One more story about a martial art superhero is already being waited for by the fans of Shang Chi. Let us remind you that Shang Chi is a younger son in a Chinese family. When he learns about the true character of his father, he decides to leave.

Now, the superhero is supposed to be reunited with his family. So, some touching moments lie ahead. Also, you can expect a lot of Kung-fu, spectacular fights, and amazing play.

Suicide Squad II


Photo: Shazoo

Director: David Ayer

Genre: action, superhero


Now, the famous squad is going to fight again, this time, their aim is to protect the earth from an invasion forever. However, when the squad members are making the best effort to complete the task of their boss, they notice that one more squad is there, and those are the enemies. The fight starts. How is it going to end and who will be the winner? What about watching the movie then?

Nine Days

nine day

Photo: Afisha

Director: Edson Oda

Genre: supernatural drama


Everybody thinks at least sometimes about such things as death, life, soul, destiny, and others whether there is something before we are born and after we die. If this is your case, Nine Days is the right movie for you. 

Do you see that kind man? He looks very welcoming, doesn`t he? What about having a talk with him? However, be smart and careful: he will decide whether you are going to inhabit a human being or are destined to incorporate into something else. Yep, you are a soul. And the man decides in what or who you are going to be born. 



Photo: Kino Poisk

Director: Dennis Villeneuve

Genre: sci-fi


A young man takes up a journey across a dangerous planet. He does it for the sake of his family, however, the truth is that the mission of this trip is far beyond that. He isn`t aware of it yet. 

The planet has a special commodity. It can unlock the greatest person`s potential. Constant battles unwind for this commodity but now, a special battle is approaching. And only the bravest will win and survive. 

The Matrix 4


Photo: 24 Life

Director: Lana Wachowski

Genre: sci-fi


This movie doesn`t need any advertisement, it is so famous that the title tells a lot. But now, new adventures are coming. They will unfold between different realities. And of course, new matrices are going to be discovered. 

That`s it, no more details about the plot are revealed. There are rumors that a young Morpheus will appear but nobody is sure whether it is the truth. Also, people tell that this is going to be a love story rather than an action or a sci-fi movie. Thus, there are good reasons to watch The Matrix 4. 

Black Widow


Photo: Marvel

Director: Cate Shortland

Genre: a superhero movie


Natasha Romanoff, who is also Black Widow, has a dark past, and in the movie, she will have to confront it. She goes back to Russia to revisit her family, and some interesting facts about Natasha are revealed. 

The movie is expected to be streamed in the summer of 2021. It was ready to be streamed but due to the pandemic, the premiere was put off. 

A Quiet Place II


Photo: Amazon

Director: John Krasinski

Genre: horror


This is a very special film: there are almost no dialogues. This special feature makes the action even tenser. Sometimes, you want to cry out but you cannot: the planet is inhabited by sound-sensitive monsters. 

The main character is a woman, no superhero, she doesn`t have supernatural skills, but she has to guide her kids in this evil world. 

The movie was completed in 2020 but the premiere was delayed. The director believes that the best start for the movie is to be released in a theatre setting, thus, we are still waiting for the time when we can watch it. 



Photo: Twiter

Director: Miguel Sapochnik

Genre: sci-fi


Finch is a robotic engineer and an inventor. For many years, he has lived in a bunker with his dog. 

One day, the scientist gets sick, and he knows that the disease is incurable. His only worry is his dog though - they both are the only survivors on the planet, and without him, the dog will stay completely alone. Thus, Finch creates an android robot and teaches him everything about people. The dog and the robot will have to take care of each other when Finch dies. 

After that, the scientist is ready to go out to check what is left of the planet.