The last Monday of May is always special: we have a day off to celebrate one of the most symbolic holidays: Memorial Day. On this day, we commemorate those who have given their lives for our country, our future, and us - those military people who have been killed during a military conflict or died because of wounds. 


The celebration of the day started after the Civil War that took so many lives of soldiers that national cemeteries were launched. We don`t know for sure how exactly the tradition started, and indeed, there is no special need to know it. The main thing is that we remember all those people and those soldiers who are dying now for an opportunity for us to live in peace. 

On this day, you can go to a parade, to a cemetery, or just to enjoy an extra day off and organize a party with friends and family in the fresh air. 

And we, from our side, always have something special for you: the best movies and shows to watch in German language.