Have you been wasting hours seeking for quality German TV in the United States? Then we have definitely something nice to offer. But first let us have a look to a variety of ways to watch German TV in America: let’s compare them defining pros and cons.


Type of television



Cable TV

Cable TV can be convenient when you need to tie up several TVs in the same apartment but nowadays you can do it wirelessly.

Cable TV shows cons in its name. To set up cable TV you have to deal with meters of cables. Nowadays it sounds more than funny as such technologies as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, IPTV and others can deliver any information without any wires. In addition, wires take not only your time, but your money and some space in your place. Starting with time – to buy all needed cables for setting Cable TV, you have to run around numerous shops and spend a lot of money. As for spacing, yes, cables take place (even if they are located behind your TV), but just imagine what an inconvenience to clean these cables which are usually white. They are being covered with dust and dirt. Moreover, Cable TV needs special connectors so you have to spend additional money. The last but not the least, cables are not safe for your children.

Satellite TV

Satellite TV seemed to be an up-to-date method to watch TV as it allowed us to watch any channels using satellite dish and satellite dish pointer.

Nowadays Satellite TV dish are not relevant as they cannot transmit a wide specter of TV channels in comparison with latter-day technologies. In addition, during the rapid rise of Satellite TV technology, many TV providers took much money to provide the needed service.


When it comes to television of nowadays, IPTV is crème de la crème. You can watch TV via your smartphone in your office or surely on your TV during breakfast. You can also use your tablet or laptop to watch any channels and programs. And by “any” we do mean “everything you want”. In addition, IPTV does not require any cables, satellites  - all you need to have is a small box that would provide access to many channels. Can you watch German TV in USA via IPTV? You surely can. We are proud to cover you with German TV Company services and prove we are the best on the market. By the way, you can try it for free in a click  https://germantvcompany.com/

In addition, IPTV technology will not ruin your budget. Remember? You do not need any cables or special techical devices (just one box) to start enjoying your favorite TV shows. Moreover, IPTV is very easy to set up – even an 11-year-old kid can do it.

Sometimes IPTV companies do not provide enough instructions to set up this technology and its devices  - that is why IPTV is sometimes vague for many people. German TV Company boasts of a friendly and professional team that is always ready to give you a  hand if any issues occur.