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Every Friday, 3 mln people laugh their heads off together with Oliver Welke and his satirical program ‘Heute Show’. A 30-minute digest covers weekly news of politics, social life, business, and religion with a guaranteed dose funny comments. German TV Company is about to discover what’s inside Germany’s most popular late-night show and why it should become one of your favorites.

Political events in Germany and around the globe

The world is full of long-lasting rivalries: right-wing or left-wing, democrats or republicans, Sunnis or Shias, haters or supporters etc. Mind them or not, we often get to live with the opposite views right next door.

‘Heute Show’ attempts to show what goes the wrong way in politics and conveys the complicated matters in a funny-and-foolproof way. Its current audience ages from 14-50, proving that satirical approach makes more people interested in political life of their country.

Lightly about the serious

‘Heute Show’ cast is a team of political experts, journalists, and actors who report on the recent political events with a great deal of parody, mockery, and bullshit-filter. Briefly about some of the  show’s commentators:
  • Dietrich Hollinderbäumer. An expert in various subjects and the most sarcastic Heute Show reporter. Dietrich grew up in times of national-socialism and cannot but let another gag out about the former regime. His excessive lifestyle, love for drugs, and habitual mockery of the so-called VIPs make Dietrich a pretty provocative and lively commentator;

  • Hans-Joachim Heist covers the recent events on the agenda and moderates the heading ‘Uncle Gernots Märchenstunde’, in which the raging uncle Gernots speaks his furious mind on various subjects;

  • Martina Hill as Tina Hausten, a ‘percentage expert’, public opinion researcher, and representative of Heute Show’s statistics dept. Martina also appears as Mandy Hausten, a highly impulsive commentator and naïve left-winged woman dressed in 1980s style.

‘Heute Show’ has a dozen of authors who monitor all important events and put weekly news in a 30-minute comedy digest.

Humor just how you’d like to enjoy it

3 million ‘Heute Show’ viewers follow the news through the lens of satire and this audience has been expanding over the Internet. Memes, gifs, videos and other original content becomes available in social media, but the original TV show still airs every Friday on ZDF channel.

Subscribers of online TV by German TV Company can watch new episodes of Heute Show in timeshift and record. They never miss anything and enjoy favorite national TV shows on all smart devices.

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