What can be more real than reality itself? Well, reality TV shows, for example. Though one would think: ’what can be fun about watching ordinary people doing routine stuff on the camera?’ But don’t jump to conclusions, because science is on our side and claims that watching other people doing routine tasks and observing their emotions helps us to better understand and relate to other people.

Living outside Germany isn’t a problem, when you can re-connect to German day-to-day realities through favorite shows. We reviewed top 5 German reality TV shows to introduce you to the realm of TV entertainment. So, let's take a closer look:

1. Goodbye Deutschland (Goodbye Germany)

This one is an amazing example of emigration shows about Germans who decided to move abroad due to work, love, or even weather.
Each program follows ‘moving’ Germans from their plans for emigration till their settling-in in the new country. Episodes feature three German pairs simultaneously. It’s fun to watch how they struggling through cultural barriers to get a new successful life. And most of them are pretty good at that. Though not everyone, of course. Some end up moving back home, when they realize they don’t have needed skills and can’t even speak the language.
It’s a fun and light show to watch after a rough work day.

2. Shopping Queen

-is a typical glam-shopping show. The interesting thing about it is that each episode takes place in a different city, where 5 chosen (yes) women compete for the title of Shopping Queen. There is always a particular topic for shopping, like animal print or pink princess. Each woman gets 500 Euro and 4 hours to find a matching outfit for the task. The trick is that the judges are those women themselves, who give the scores to each other.
The show is entertaining and relaxing, only for the viewers, of course.

3. Mieten, Kaufen, Wohnen (Rent, Buy, Live)

This show is all about the agony of choosing which house to buy. Rent, Buy, Live follows individuals or families with a real estate agent in the process of choosing and buying a new home. Each episode shows us three different properties, among which the buyer should choose only one and then buy it. During the program we have an opportunity to enjoy and explore the very different types of properties and designs along with actual market prices for them. The episodes end with showing buyers in their new homes a few months later after the purchase.
This show isn't just entertaining but also insightful in terms of property market.

4. Das Perfekte Dinner (The Perfect Dinner)

It’s a cooking show with a twist. The Perfect Diner features 5 contestants, each of whom throws a party for another four in their own house. Throughout those five days the participants rate each other’s food, reception, and overall impression. The show is very funny with the narrator’s comments. Though it’s called Diner, the emphasis here is more on the relationships between the contestants and their strategy for winning.
The Perfect Diner is a perfect show to watch during your dinner.

5. Bauer Sucht Frau (Farmer Searches for a Wife)

The title speaks for itself. Yes, the show is indeed about farmers seeking love. First, one woman (from the city) is chosen among a wide variety of applicants by those farmers. Then she spends some time at the farmer's house until she wants to leave, or the farmer doesn’t like her.
The great thing about this show is that it features real farmers. You can feel its authenticity yourself, when the director had to include subtitles because most of them were speaking with a huge rural accent.
The show isn’t just great, it’s hilarious and can make laugh even the most serious-minded viewer.

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