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Do you like music? Of course you do! Who doesn’t? Do you like TV shows? We bet you do!
What could be better than a music combined with a show? Only a music show on TV. And here we come – did you know that you can watch the best German music TV shows with us? Were you aware that German TV company has a wide selection of German TV channels, and that we also offer free 7-day trial?
But let’s first see what German TV can offer you. Here we go!


Air time – Saturday,10 p.m. If you like modern music, and if you can tell the difference between Hip-hop and R&B – you’ll definitely like this show. Only the world’s best music and the best German charts. Young hosts and their guests bring you to the cutting edge of today’s music world. What is popular today and why? New sounds, new rhythms, new songs, and whole new genres. Interviews with popular musicians mean you are never bored. And lots and lots of music! 

Deutschland sucht den Superstar

Germany is looking for talent. More than that – Germany is seeking new superstars! And you can participate. You can help Germany discover new faces and new voices through voting!
More than a hundred young singers went through castings to compete with each other, and to show off their voice for the audience.
The show is like music Olympics. Emotions are high. Each performance brings waves of excitement to the audience, just like in sport.
Popular songs from your childhood are performed both traditionally and in a new fashion, with bright and colorful professionally staged shows. Beautiful costumes, thousands of lights, and hundreds of cameras come together with an ocean of fans and tons of positive emotions.
Do you want to feel the thrill while waiting the judgment of your favorite contestant? What will happen after the judgment – will you be overfilled with happiness or will you break down in tears if he or she loses?
Hundreds of old and new songs. Singers from all German-speaking world. And yeah – Dieter Bohlen rules!


One elevator. No phonogram, no electronics, no fake sounds – just singer and instrument. That’s all. Three songs. Only live sound. Only here you can hear the real voice of your beloved performer.
Just a pure art. Feel it. Hear it. Enjoy it! Non-filtered music in a real elevator. What could be more strange and at the same time interesting?

Die Silvestershow (previously – Musikantenstadl, Stadlshow)

The oldest show among contemporary German music TV shows changed its name but not the atmosphere – you can still see the barn walls at the back of the stage. Long tables with long benches are still there in the hall. The show is still cozy and home-like, as it’s always been.
You can find all sorts of music here, from folk to pop.
For almost forty years, the show travelled through Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and South Tirol. For almost forty years, the audience watched the show, listened to the music, and met with locals from the places where the show was being shot.
In 2016 the show was reduced to one episode a year. But it’s still the same wonderful show!
So, this is it. But it’s only a brief view of what we can give you. There is a lot more of German music TV shows on our channels.

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