German TV Channels In India

Have you moved to India and started missing your favorite German channels you used to enjoy with a cup of soft beer (sometimes)? German TV Company has found the fastest and easiest option for watching German TV channels in India. What you need is just an internet connection and your device for making it happen.

Apart from German TV Company, you might have already come up with other possible options for finding your beloved German channels in India. Undoubtedly, you could have thought of using cable or satellite TV or just streaming online for free. Cable and satellite have always been legit and trusted options, and online streaming has always assisted us when we needed to watch the channels for free. All of them have their advantages and disadvantages, and we have tried our best to indicate them in the comparison table for your own convenience to decide what to choose.

TV Option



Satellite TV

Trusted, Legit, Proven.

Can be watched only on a TV with cable connection.

Cable TV

Trusted, Legit, Proven.

Can be watched only on a TV with cable connection.

Online Streaming

Trusted, Proven, Free, Easily - Accessible.

Screen freezes most of the time. There are lots of exhausting ads.


Trusted, Legit, Proven,  Easily - Accessible, No Cable Connection Needed, Only Requires Internet Connection.

You decide what, when and how to watch, so there are no disadvantages, actually! :)

We don’t argue that IPTV has no disadvantages at all. The IPTV providing company may simply not assure a quality service since it requires a lot of knowledge and efforts from the programming and development team.

German TV company guarantees that you will be enjoying 90 German TV channels in India on the highest quality without delays and disruptions. Moreover, you will get 7 days of free watching if you sign up for the trial.


What you need to do is to simply click on the “Try Full Version” button, create your account and start watching! 

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