Living outside Germany doesn’t mean you have to quit watching favorite sports. We’ve got it all sorted for you in German TV Company. Sport is all about participating, not winning. And what can be better than be a part of the real game anytime you want in a cozy sofa with cold beer? All sport-fans will answer in unison — ‘nothing’.

Let’s take a quick look at the list of popular games you can enjoy with German Sport TV.

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1. Exciting Fussball

p>Fueled with emotions and strength fussball players don’t leave anyone indifferent towards that entertaining and hard sport. Bundesliga turns up the heat among European leagues. And why not? Guys won the World Cup in Brazil, and therefore won the hearts of millions of viewers.

2. Musing Golf

Even though Golf still remains a sport for rich people and requires a membership, you can experience it on the other side of the screen. You can notice that quiet struggle in the golfer’s face when they calculating the trajectory for the ball. That’s no easy task, and the suspense of this sport draws you in too.

3. Fast-paced Ice Hockey

If you’ve never been to a real ice hockey game at the stadium, you should watch its online version first. The atmosphere at the stadiums is crazy, but positively crazy. There is always cheering noise at games and famous ice hockey afterparties. Man power on ice is not just an entertainment but also a good sport inspiration.

4. Speedy Basketball

Detlef’s Schrempf and Dirk’s Nowitzki presence and performance in the NBA are two good reasons to be both proud of Germany and basketball. The game is so speedy and addicting to watch, it will keep you at the edge of your seat till the very end.

5. Smoking Motorsport

One German guy has dominated the Motorsport for years with no equals. You know the name already, it’s Michael Schumacher. Not only racers get rushes of adrenaline, viewers are even more exciting when watching them taking turns at insane speed.

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