What can be the best thing after going back from work and relaxing while watching soap operas? Even more, what can be the best than having an opportunity to live the life of your favourite characters in those shows in your native language while living abroad. If all of that is about you, we want to make sure that you are already with us. However, if you are not connected to our services yet, we want you not to miss the opportunity to join us for our free for 7-Day Trial and watch as many channels as you wish.

There many soap operas available, and even if you have not your favourite one yet, you may be sure - there is a great collection to choose from. Some of them are new, some of them are pleasant oldies. And some of them you may have never heard of before, but they are still worth watching. Let us introduce some of them to your sincere attention.

In aller Freundschaft ("In all Friendliness")

This soap opera started appearing on German television back in 1998 every Tuesday; maybe you remember that. All of the series is about the staff in the fictional Sachsenklinik hospital in the Leipzig city. The first broadcast of the show started in October of 1998, and since then, there were around 600 episodes aired. At the beginning, the main attention was set on the friendship of three main characters Dr. Maia Dietz, Dr. Achim Kreutzer, and Dr. Roland Heilmann. Nowadays, the cast grew up to 15-20 characters. At the same time, among the aforementioned original trio, mainly Dr. Roland Heilmann can still be seen in the show. 

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Lindenstraße ("Lime Street" literally) 

Is another popular German soap opera, which first episode appeared in December of 1985. Since then, every week, new episodes can be watched by the show’s fans. Be aware that its current timeslot on Das Erste channel is 6:50 PM every Sunday. At the same time, the events of Sunday episodes usually take place on Thursdays before the show. An interesting fact is that before the beginning of the show, the timeslot was switched to Sunday evenings; however, Thursdays remained as the main days the events usually take place. You can observe that by watching about the daily life routine of the main characters’ working days. 

Unter Uns ("Between us")

The last but not least is the Unter Uns - a German television soap opera that was first broadcasted on RTL channel back in November of 1994. The events are centered on the lives of people who reside in one house in Cologne. Since the times of show debuted, the core family in the series was the baker's family Weigel. Unter Uns is different from some other soap operas as it is not based on a foreign shows such as  Gute Zeiten, schlechte Zeiten or Verbotene Liebe. Unter Uns was the second daily soap on RTL channel after Gute Zeiten, schlechte Zeite. It is interesting that in December of 2014, the show aired its 5000’s episode!

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