Formula 1 on German TV

Do you want to watch Formula 1 on German TV? You do, but you just don’t know how?
We’ll help you. With us you can watch F1 on German TV. Even if you live outside the Germany. All you’ll need is the internet connection. That’s all. Seriously.

Besides, there is a lot of things you will like to see in Formula 1 this year. Grid kids instead of grid girls (yes, it’s better this way – young racers now can meet their older colleagues on the grid). They’ve also returned German Grand Prix in the tournament. 21 races from March 25th to November 25th!

You wouldn't believe, but F1's management have decided to broadcast all its shows on German TV! So, you can enjoy not only races on Sundays. You'll be able to see all practice sessions on Fridays and all qualifying sessions on Saturdays. Three times a week. Best races and fastest cars in the whole world three times a week! Can you expect more?

Each race in Europe will start in 15.10 (except for French Grand Prix (16.10), Great Britain Grand Prix (14.10) and other countries (13.10-20.10)) – ten minutes after the broadcast beginning – to let the audience feel the thrill and atmosphere on the start of the race.

And – notice that – we can delay TV-stream, so you will be able to watch the race later if you can’t watch the live show. We can even store the two-week old shows for you in our archive!

And, besides F1 you can also watch a lot of other German sport channels, German soap operas, German comedy shows with us. Practically, all German TV!

Sign up for free 7-days trial right now and watch F1 on German TV in HD!

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