If you are looking for a captivating story to follow up in the evenings no need to go far through the long lists - German TV Company presents 10 Best German TV Series that will keep you ‘un-stand-up-able’ for several seasons in a row.

1. Heimat / Homeland (1984-2013)

The "Heimat" trilogy tells a moving story of the Simon family and other residents of Schabbach - a fictional village in the Hunsrück, Germany. 32 episodes (each 90 minutes) follow the destinies of each family member throughout 1919-2000. If you are up for a flashback to the past few decades of Germany running through 2 World Wars, division of Germany, Cold War and the fall of Berlin Wall, this TV series is for you.

2. Mord mit Aussicht / Murder with a View (2008-present) 

Satirical crime comedy tells a story of Detective Sophie Haas (Caroline Peters) that has been transferred from Cologne to the country village of Hengasch. When she arrives at the local police office, she finds out that her new colleagues there, Bärbel (Meike Droste) and Dietmar (Bjarne Mädel), work under the motto ‘Keep calm and avoid stress!’ The emergence of the new Commissioner from the city and her strange professional enthusiasm disrupt the operational peace in Hengasch. Detective Hass is going to tirelessly fight the provincial criminality hidden behind this peaceful village idyll. 

3. Verliebt in Berlin / In Love in/with Berlin (2005-2007)

Lisa is a kind, intelligent but somewhat naive woman, who moves to Berlin and tries to get a job at an ultra-chic fashion company Kerima Moda. There, she starts off as a caterer and works up to a personal assistant of the junior chairman David, who becomes her crush. Despite Lisa’s ambitions and personal qualities, the young boss doesn’t really notice her because of his involvement with other women. In 2006, Verliebt in Berlin won two Golden Rose awards for the best soap opera and best actress - Alexandra Neldel. 

4. In aller Freundschaft / In all Friendliness (1998 - present) 

Maria Dietz, Roland Heilmann, and Achim Kreuzer are three doctor colleagues working together in the fictional Sachsenklinik hospital in Leipzig. Every day, they encounter new professional and private problems and face them with new flawless professionalism, courage and, above all, friendship. Since the first broadcast in 1998 and over 600 episodes released, the growing cast has increased to 15-20 characters introducing new interweaving storylines. 

5. Der letzte Bulle / The Last Cop (2010-2014) 

After a serious injury, Detective Mick Brisgau (Henning Baum) has been in coma since the 1980s. He suddenly wakes up in the 21st century and the new world becomes a cultural shock for him: he has never heard of DNA analysis and the Internet, the women are more stubborn than the coffee they cooked in the past, and the men have all turned into gourmets. Mick’s 80s "think" on society and the criminality makes him a special investigator who has fallen out of time. Critical of modern technical tools and his colleagues, an old-skool macho cop solves each new case with his own techniques. 

6. Unsere Mütter, unsere Väter (Generation War) (March, 2013 - 3 episodes) 

Distributed internationally under the title ‘Generation War’, the mini-series tells an epic story about five friends who take their own paths through the darkest epoch of Germany - WWII: Wilhelm, a convinced Wehrmacht soldier; his sensitive brother who is unwilling to join the army; a volunteer war nurse;an ambitious singer; and a Jewish tailor. The characters embark on their journeys from Berlin in 1941 and vow to meet up by the following Christmas.  ‘Generation War’ received International Emmy Award  for Best TV Series in 2014. 

7. Pastewka (2005 - present) 

German comedian Bastian Pastewka plays himself in an eponymous sitcom  ‘Pastewka’ that has been entertaining German-speaking Europe for over 10 years. Pastewka busts the myth that Germans have a poor sense of humor together with the cast of such brilliant actors as Sonsee Neu, Bettina Lamprecht, Sabine Vitua, Cristina do Rego, and Matthias Matschke. Since 2005, the show has picked up several TV awards including the German Comedy, German Television, and Rose D'Or. 

8. Danni Lowinski (2010-2014) 

Daniela ‘Danni’ Lowinski is a hairdresser who has just completed her evening classes and successfully majored in law. She applies for work at large law firms in Cologne but gets rejected due to the lack of experience and references.

When she visits her friend Bea, who works in a shopping mall, an idea crosses her mind: Danni leases space in the mall where two chairs and a desk will be enough to set up a helpdesk service. Danni charges one-euro per minute and is provides legal advice for those who can’t afford expensive lawyers. With impressive performance and improvisational talents Danni soon appears in court standing up for small people with great problems.

9. Heute Show (2009-present) 

A journalist and comedian Oliver Welke discusses latest political issues in a funny and satirical way. Cynical comments and mockery of certain statesmen don’t only make political life in Germany an interesting subject to follow, but also help understand what’s going on in parliamentary debates, ministries, and political parties. ‘Heute Show’ won the Grimme Award in 2010 and was awarded "Best Comedy Show"three times in a row.

10. Deutschland 83 / Germany 83 (June-August 2015, 8 episodes)

Espionage drama series takes us to 1983, the climax of the Cold War. GDR foreign secret service sends a young soldier Martin Rauch (Jonas Nay) as an undercover spy to procure American militaryplans in Western Germany. Under the identity of the Bundeswehr officer Moritz Stamm, Martin becomes an aide of general Edel, meets his family and quickly gains access to the top-secret NATO documents. A rookie spy gets into the vortex of special services and plays an important role in the escalating of a global nuclear conflict.

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