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Every Friday, 3 mln people laugh their heads off together with Oliver Welke and his satirical program ‘Heute Show’. A 30-minute digest covers weekly news of politics, social life, business, and religion with a guaranteed dose funny comments. German TV Company is about to discover what’s inside Germany’s most popular late-night show and why it should become one of your favorites.

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If you are looking for a captivating story to follow up in the evenings no need to go far through the long lists - German TV Company presents 10 Best German TV Series that will keep you ‘un-stand-up-able’ for several seasons in a row.

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You think you’re that far from German cinematography and hardly remember any remarkable representatives? Check out this Top-5 by German TV Company and you’ll be surprised how close the outstanding actresses ‘aus Deutschland’ have been around all this time. Here we go:
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 When it comes to IPTV quality, two main questions come up: what determines the quality of broadcasting and what codecs should be used to watch broadcasts without worries?


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Why my TV “freezes”?

February 6, 2015

How does German TV works

A common issue experienced by customers during the evening hours is “freezing” of the video and audio signal. “Freezing” happens when there is not enough internet bandwidth in the signal’s path and parts of the signal are delayed or lost in the transmission. In this article we want to explain why it happens and what you can improve your signal.

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Great news for Mac users!

Planning to watch Russian TV online? Do you like Mac technology? or maybe you prefer PC? Regardless of this, we always have a solution for you.

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