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This Easter won’t be a holiday we are used to - no big celebrations and restricted appointments. But such situation in the world is not a reason to be bored during this time. Best films for Easter will definitely help you to lift the mood. We made a list of movies worth watching during this long weekend

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How to choose Android TV Box

If less than 100 years ago watching TV was possible for only a small amount of people, today almost every family has a TV at home. People watch shows and films on normal TV-sets, laptops, tablets and even smartphones – whenever and wherever they like.

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Coronavirus: StayAtHome

Your promocode from the German TV Company is inside. Stay healthy, get the latest news and watch your favorite TV with us!

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They say that USA and German TV look like each other. But we don’t agree. We found at least 3 things not in common. Interested? So, let’s follow this battle together. Who is better: USA vs. German TV.

USA and German TV

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Valentine's day

Films about love are always at the top. But on St. Valentine's day they break all the records. It doesn’t matter, whether you already found your soulmate or not, on this day you will with high possibility search for some romantic movies to watch.

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According to science prognosis, multiscreen solutions have a very prospective future. Forecasts say that by 2022 half of all households in the world will have smart home devices, It means, multiscreen will also become even more popular.

Multiscreen solutions

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TV is an important part of everyday routine. Even the Internet with all its power and terabytes of useful information, can’t change this.

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We announce January Heat! Take part in our Promo Days and get TV Box for free!

Interested? We are ready to offer you something unique and amazing. Don’t lose the chance and find out all the details in this article.

TV Box

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The history of German TV

January 14, 2020

History of German TV

Let's take a close look at German TV history. Search for some really interesting facts in our infographics.

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Most anticipated films

Germany is among the leaders of cinematography production in recent years. During the upcoming 12 months more and more German films will appear on the big screen. Let’s take a look into the future and find out what characters we will worry about very soon.

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