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We are excited to announce that myGTVC – the official Android application of German TV Company – now on Google Play! The app allows users to subscribe and watch German TV Service from a mobile device. There is no need to log in from a computer or turn on your TV to watch and renew your service plan anymore. myGTVC makes it easier and faster to enjoy German TV on the go!
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Best Movies To Watch In 2018

October 29, 2018

While streaming services are working on negotiating deals with movie production companies, you have a good excuse to treat yourself with popcorn and watch the latest movie releases exclusively on big screens. There are so many interesting movies out there, so easy to get lost This is why we decided to share our list of Top-5 movies of 2018 that can’t be missed.
Grab your friend and check out one of the movies in your neighborhood cinema. Does it sound like a plan? We thought so!

Skate Kitchen
This is one of our favorite American movies of 2018.
A teenager from New York City witnesses a dramatic change in her life after joining a group of stakeholders of her age. Camille starts not only recognizing the colorful subculture of New York City, but also her inner self.
We give you no more details, now it’s time to watch what Skate Kitchen has to offer!
Black Panther 

The title itself sounds promising. And the movie indeed has it all:

history, action, comics ecranisation, drama, and emotions.
Hidden kingdom of Wakanda has challenges to overcome not without help of its superhero - Black Panther!

Mission Impossible - Fallout 
Although it's still running on the big screens, not too much time is left until we have the long-awaited blockbuster at our homes. Mission has gone wrong again and H.E. Tom Cruise has the mission to rescue it.
Action, adventure, drama. Fallout has it all (as usual).

What about some Kafka-like-science-fiction performed by Natalie Portman?

Adventures in the quarantined area in Florida called “Area X”, where a team of scientist women tends to explore disappearances. Will they manage to find what’s wrong with the mysterious territory?

Let’s find out together!

You Were Never Really Here 
A crime story about an ex-soldier tasked with recovering a kidnapped girl being a victim of human trafficking. Directed by Lynne Ramsay and performed by Joaquin Phoenix, the movie reminds famous Hitman and was inspired by Jonathan Ames’ Bored to Death novel.

Did you find anything exciting on the list?
What are your favorite movies of 2018?

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TOP 10 German TV Shows

September 27, 2018

German TV Shows

When it comes to German TV Shows friendship, tears and love, traveling, achieving aims are just a few topics they are usually related to. This article is devoted to the most interesting, popular and cool German TV Shows. Take a look to find out something relevant for you to enjoy this evening!

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Have you moved to India and started missing your favorite German channels you used to enjoy with a cup of soft beer (sometimes)? German TV Company has found the fastest and easiest option for watching German TV channels in India. What you need is just an internet connection and your device for making it happen.Read More
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Best German music TV shows

October 5, 2018

Do you like music? Of course you do! Who doesn’t? Do you like TV shows? We bet you do!
What could be better than a music combined with a show? Only a music show on TV. And here we come – did you know that you can watch the best German music TV shows with us? Were you aware that German TV company has a wide selection of German TV channels, and that we also offer free 7-day trial?

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Formula 1 Do you want to watch Formula 1 on German TV? You do, but you just don’t know how? We’ll help you. With us you can watch F1 on German TV. Even if you live outside the Germany. All you’ll need is the internet connection. That’s all. Seriously.

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German TV in United KingdomSo, you live in UK and you want to watch German TV in UK. You’ve asked Google about it and Google gave you thousands of pages of irrelevant information, outdated conversations on boards, outdated technical details etc.

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The football season is in full swing now. Champions League and Europa League are about to kick off their group stage matches and keep you on the edge of your seat. We’ve already restocked our snack supplies, and give you a small reminder to do the same.

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Michael Fassbender We live in a globalized world and human migrations are a common thing nowadays. Today in our focus are actors of German descent, whom you wouldn’t probably recognize as Germans. So let's take a look at some famous actors related to Germany.

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Best German TV Soap Operas

December 9, 2017

What can be the best thing after going back from work and relaxing while watching soap operas? Even more, what can be the best than having an opportunity to live the life of your favourite characters in those shows in your native language while living abroad. If all of that is about you, we want to make sure that you are already with us.

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