About German TV Company

Who are we?

We believe that every house deserves quality German television, because this is what makes us and our customers, this is what brings families together in the evening. Our team consists of customer service representatives that are always ready to answer any of your questions and ready to assist you with getting the right product and service.

German television USA is a sure way to preserve your national culture and your language. That's why we aim to provide top-quality German TV service. It is a way to keep belonging to your culture and language while living in a different environment.

The technology has developed to the extent that it can allow you to watch German channels online. You can watch the best channels live or in a recording. You don’t need to live in a specific place. Now, German TV Company can offer you watching plenty of channels in German from any part of the world, including the USA. You don’t need to install a satellite antenna, you have to just connect to the internet.

What Do We Do?

How can you watch German television online in the USA? If you believe that you need to get complex devices, you aren’t right. Now, watching German TV online is as easy as it has never been before. To access German TV channels, you can choose from the following options:

● You can watch German TV on your mobile device (tablet or smartphone) with a special iOS or Android TV APP.
● Along with them, you can use Chromecast.
● You might prefer to watch German channels through an Android box, firestick or Apple TV.
● You might want to enjoy German movies and shows on your Smart TV Samsung.
● If you prefer a TV box, you can choose to watch channels in German through Dune or Alphabox.
● Finally, you can even watch German TV online.

Thus, we offer you an opportunity to choose a convenient option.
Whatever you choose, you get access to the top German TV shows and other programs and movies.

Our Mission

We believe that every person deserves to keep his/her culture and language. It might be pretty difficult if one lives abroad, on a temporary or permanent basis. Therefore, we provide expatriates from German-speaking countries an opportunity to keep watching TV in their native language. Our mission is to:

● Provide our German clients with an opportunity to watch German TV channels in the USA or any other country.
● Provide uninterrupted access to German TV in the USA specifically and the entire world in general.
● Bring German culture and language to any family that comes from a German-speaking country.

With German TV online, you can be sure that you and your kids will keep the traditions of your ancestors and will not forget German.